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Florihana  Spearmint Organic Hydrolats 有機綠薄荷花水純露

英文常見名稱:Spearmint/學名:Mentha spicata

✔ 給肌膚清爽感,淨化毛孔,適合油性肌膚
✔ 清新氣味,為肌膚帶來活力
✔ 甜甜的薄荷香氣,舒解焦慮煩悶
✔ 舒緩因乾燥引起的皮膚搔癢感



綠薄荷具收斂性,由於它有一種能令人振奮的能力, 可幫助減輕勞累和緩和沮喪. 它可與大部份 的花水調合, 特別適合與佛手柑, 尤加利, 茉莉, 薰衣草和迷迭香花水混合使用.




Florihana  Spearmint Organic Hydrolats 有機綠薄荷花水純露

Spearmint Hydrosol or Floral water (Mentha spicata) is preservative-free, 100% natural and pure. Certified organic (USDA, JAS, Ecocert), this hydrosol is distilled at low temperature from the plant. This plant is distilled in France.
Refreshing and purifying.

This organic hydrosol is classified as a natural aroma (edible).

Description :

Also known as Garden mint, Spearmint is a perennial herbaceous and aromatic plant from the Lamiaceae family. With smooth, hairless or nearly hairless and bright green leaves, it is mainly famous for its unique mentholated scent, finer than that of Peppermint. Frequently used in aromatherapy and phytotherapy, Spearmint is known for its digestive, calming, antiseptic and toning virtues, as well as for regulating perspiration. 

In addition to its very refreshing aromas, perfect during summer, the Spearmint hydrosol is equally appreciated for its purifying and antibacterial qualities. Soothing and stimulating, it is remarkably effective in improving digestion. Cooking-wise, the flavors of this hydrosol will bring a lot of freshness to various sweet and salty preparations, such as summer salads. In Cosmetics, it is best known for its cleansing and astringent properties. Its minty fragrance also blends well in homemade cosmetics, such as deodorants.  

  • Main properties: Refreshing, purifying, soothing, toning, stimulating, promotes digestion.
  • Can be used both internally and externally (facial toner, food, etc.). 
  • Ideal for combination, oily or dull skins cosmetic-wise.   

How to Use:


  • Our hydrosols can be used both internally and externally (facial toner, food, etc.) 
  • Ideal for combination, oily or dull skins cosmetic-wise.   
  • Use precaution: hydrosols are sensitive products with a limited shelf life. 
  • Shelf life & storage instructions: They can be kept 2 to 3 months once the bottle is opened. Keep in a cool and dry place, away from light. We recommend to store them in the refrigerator.



To further increase its benefits, the organic Spearmint Hydrosol blends very well with other organic carrier oils and hydrosols with complementary properties, such as: 

  • The Jojoba or Sweet Almond Carrier Oils. 
  • The Melissa or Witch Hazel Hydrosols.  



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