Florihana Sage Organic Hydrolats 有機鼠尾草花水純露 - 簡介

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Florihana  Sage Organic Hydrolats 有機鼠尾草花水純露

英文常見名稱:Sage/學名:Salvia officinalis

✔ 使肌膚光滑細緻,恢復活力,成熟肌適用
✔ 輕微收斂,油性粉刺混合肌必備

✔ 清新草葉香,釋放失衡的壓力





Florihana  Sage Organic Hydrolats 有機鼠尾草花水純露

Our Sage Hydrosol or Floral water (Salvia officinalis) is preservative-free, 100% natural and pure. Certified organic (USDA, JAS, Ecocert), this hydrosol is distilled at low temperature from the flowering tops. This plant is distilled in France.
Purifying and regenerating

This organic hydrosol is classified as a natural aroma (edible).

Description :

From the Mediterranean region, the Sage or Common Sage is an aromatic and ornamental subshrub with an established therapeutic use since Antiquity. Famous for its purifying, tonic and digestive virtues, this plant is also named after the Latin word “salvare”, which means “heal” or “save”, in reference to its proven efficiency.

Aromatic, with a fresh and herbal scent, the Sage hydrosol presents similar properties, mainly purifying, stimulating and revitalizing. In particular, this wellbeing essential promotes digestion and circulation. In cooking, its intense flavors will enhance several salty dishes, such as vegetables, pasta, rice or sauces. Cosmetic-wise, this hydrosol also helps to cleanse, balance, renew and tone the skin as well as rejuvenate and strengthen the hair. 

  • Main properties:Purifying, regenerating, balancing, harmonizing, stimulating, revitalizing. 
  • Can be used both internally and externally (facial toner, food, etc.). 
  • Ideal for oily, dull or mature skin types as well as dull, damaged or greasy hair cosmetic-wise.

How to Use:


  • Our hydrosols can be used both internally and externally (facial toner, food, etc.) 
  • Ideal for oily, dull or mature skin types as well as dull, damaged or greasy hair cosmetic-wise
  • Use precaution: hydrosols are sensitive products with a limited shelf life. 
  • Shelf life & storage instructions: They can be kept 2 to 3 months once the bottle is opened. Keep in a cool and dry place, away from light. We recommend to store them in the refrigerator.



To further increase its benefits, the organic Sage Hydrosol blends very well with other organic carrier oils and hydrosols with complementary properties, such as: 

  • The Blackberry Seed, Hazelnut or Jojoba Carrier Oils. 
  • The Tea Tree or Lavender Vera Hydrosols.  


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