Florihana Green Tea Organic Hydrolats 有機綠茶花水純露 - 簡介

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Florihana  Green Tea Organic Hydrolats 有機綠茶花水純露

英文名稱:Green Tea / 學名:Camellia sinensis

✔ 清新茶香帶來舒心感受
✔ 延緩肌膚老化,維持活力狀態
✔ 揮別油膩感,清爽無負擔





Florihana  Green Tea Organic Hydrolats 有機綠茶花水純露

Green Tea Hydrosol or Floral water (Camellia sinensis) is preservative-free, 100% natural and pure. Certified organic (USDA, JAS, Ecocert), this hydrosol is distilled at low temperature from the leaves. This plant is distilled in France.
Tonic and soothing.

This organic hydrosol is classified as a natural aroma (edible).

Description :

  • Main properties: Tonic, soothing, purifying, anti-oxydant
  • Can be used both internally and externally(facial toner, food, etc.). 
  • Suitable for all skin types cosmetic-wise, ideal for sensitive, delicate, irritated, oily or mature skins.

How to Use:


  • Our hydrosols can be used both internally and externally (facial toner, food, etc.)
  • Ideal for combination, oily or dull skin types cosmetic-wise.
  • Use precaution: hydrosols are sensitive products with a limited shelf life.
  • Shelf life & storage instructions: They can be kept 2 to 3 months once the bottle is opened. Keep in a cool and dry place, away from light. We recommend to store them in the refrigerator.

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